Donating to support the project

Means by which to donate to the project are limited at the moment but we are working furiously to put in place ways to make it as easy as possible. We don't really want money but, sadly, for all our idealism, we do need help to cover our internet, mail, paper, and sundry costs. We will be asking organisations to pay our travel expenses each time we arrange talks about the project and we will do everything we can to keep costs down but there will be costs and we will have difficulty meeting them.

Come September 11th there will (we pray) be a multitude of people to feed in Palestine and we will certainly need people to send money (or food) then - anything we receive over and above our needs in the meantime will go towards that. We ask that when you send donations to us you nominate your favorite good cause or charity so that if there is any excess of funds at the end of this campaign we can disburse it to them.

Right now you can send cheques in UK Sterling or money orders made out to Kate Holcombe (the project treasurer) and send them to our contact address (or even drop money in to us if you live nearby).

If you would rather donate via a credit card or other means then keep an eye on this page because we will add more methods as we can.