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Dear Prajña and Kate,

You are like part of my soul, part of my breath, all the wonderful things that you do for mankind I am there for you. I have both hands on your sholders. I am a great and passionate lover of peace and I consider that every human being has a fundamental right for food shelter and medical care. No government has a right to deny these bare neccessities of our life. Peace is not a luxury, it is a fundamental existential need. I am with you with all my heart and soul. I am sure a lover of peace and angels of grace will come into your movement and I will go on spreading awareness about your non-violent peaceful movement. May the glow of life guide every soul in this beautiful planet. War is a slur on human civilisation. We cannot act as a predator against our own species. How can we claim that we are civilised. Let us create vigorous awareness in every walk of life, so that war does not recur and some of our friends do not act as butchers. May peace, love and harmony sing in the heart of everyone on this mother planet.

Being in the beauty of one-ness,
from my beloved teacher in India

Alice Scott, Hampshire, UK
Jan Trivett, West Surrey, UK
Jo Binks, Hampshire, UK
John Miller, Toronto, Canada
Kate Holcombe, Worcestershire, UK
Khalid Miller, UK
Maija Liepins, Dunedin, New Zealand
Martha Abu-Shawish, USA
Matthew Jaquiery, Hampshire, UK
Noel Connolly, Hampshire, UK
Prajña Pranab, Hampshire, UK
Ranking Star, Ranking Star Coalition, UK
Richard Newsome, Hampshire, UK
Sean Pearman, Hampshire, UK
Shaun West, Surrey, UK
Zoë Barrow, New media Art and Design

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