Dear people of the world,

We are at the beginning of World War III and all of your friends and colleagues - if they realise this is true - will tell you that there is nothing you can do about it, or that there is nothing you should do about it.

If there is nothing you can do to stop your government committing or condoning genocide and other war crimes then you do not live in "the free world" regardless of what your leaders may tell you.

If there is nothing the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg can do to stop war criminals from destroying everything we have fought for and struggled to achieve then it is an entirely pointless organisation and you should not support it in any way. If human rights are no more than an elaborate lie - like the Father Christmas fantasy that children are teased about having been sucked into when they are old enough to face the disappointment - then there is no point to anything; there is no point to art or music or poetry; all of academia is a pointless waste of words and your lives and the lives of your children are as nothing.

In Britain the government peddles the lie that "Rights carry responsibilities" and everyone believes it! This is the worst lie since it is POWER that carries responsibilities; rights are yours by right. Human Rights are yours simply because you are human.

Stupid and selfish people might argue that there are no human rights and that there is only the law of the jungle. Well, I am not governed by the law of the jungle and if that is the only law then I am an outlaw. If the very premises upon which we base our claim to civilisation do not apply equally to every person on the planet then we are uncivilised.

That world leaders can commit what Chief Justice Jackson called the "supreme crime" (Nuremberg, 1946) or that a Christian army can blockade a hospital in Falluja on the holiest day of the Christian calendar makes a sham of Christianity and makes the Jesus story no more relevant than the Father Christmas story. Regardless of your religion or philosophy if it supports this hypocrisy then it is undermined by it. If you are in the Army and you obey orders from war criminals then you are no better than those who fought for the Nazi regime in Germany and who brought about the last World War.

If you are a member of the police force you have no moral authority to enforce any law in this country whilst those who are making the law are ignoring the superior authority of Human Rights and International Law - they have undermined your authority and if you continue to intimidate and prevent others from bringing these criminals to justice then you are simply a part of a repressive regime and are guilty along with those you support.

When you read the truth expressed here then you too may feel there is nothing you can do about it; your house, your job and your security will be put at risk. I understand your fears but I assure you that if you do not support a change in how this world is ruled then all of those things you fear losing you will lose anyway.

The time has come to stand up for the rights you fear losing: The universal right to food, shelter and medicine; the universal rights of peace, freedom and equality. The ONLY responsibility you have with respect to these rights is to insist and ensure that they are granted to every other person on this planet.

The only power that your leaders have is the power to create the kind of fear that prevents you from insisting on and ensuring your human rights and the same for each and every person on Earth. Those in power are urging you to use your courage to make war. DO NOT USE YOUR COURAGE FOR WAR, USE IT FOR PEACE.

Peace costs NOTHING. War costs everything. WAKE UP people of the world. You are now old enough to learn that there is no Father Christmas and I will not tease you for your gullibility if you will join me in creating a world where the values you claim to uphold you are empowered to uphold.

I do not want to lead anything nor to have power over anyone but I do demand my rights as a human being and I do acknowledge my responsibility in obtaining these for myself and for my children and for every other person on the planet.

Consequently Declare Peace has committed to supporting P10K - Ken O'Keefe's effort to bring at least 10,000 Westerners to Palestine to bring peace. That is 100% in line with what Declare Peace is setting out to do and we see it as a fantastic and inspiring first step towards bringing about a peaceful planet where the only rule is human rights and the only power is the power of love.

I ask you who are reading this letter to make copies and to pass them to everyone you know; post this to every website, newsgroup and media outlet to which you have access. I ask all activists who can come to Palestine on the 11th to join me there. I ask all of those who cannot to spread the message and to help those who do have the courage to do so. I ask all the world's media to pay attention. I ask all of the people of the world to support this peaceful initiative and I assure you that we can achieve this if we have your support.

You can add your support to Declare Peace or to P10K directly - it makes no difference, we all want the same thing.

I ask those in power to fear those whom they have attempted to make powerless. I am sorry to those who have nothing because, again, you are being asked to give all that you have to defeat those who have everything.

Declaring war has only ever brought death, suffering and oppression. Now is the time to declare peace.

If you feel that all you have to give is money then please send us a little in order to further the cause of peace and freedom. Whatever you feel you can do to help, our contact details are given below.

I wish you peace and freedom and I will do everything within my power to bring it about.

Prajña Pranab
13 April 2004.

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