How to get involved

Individuals and Organisations already involved

Join us in Palestine on 11th September

As I stated in my introductory letter we plan to bring more than 10,000 non-violent activists to Palestine and will endeavor to increase that presence until we are satisfied that human rights will be taken seriously and those responsible for current and recent atrocities are brought to justice.

There may well be pressure brought to bear in order to try to prevent us from doing so and we will resist through every peaceful means available to us. We will not recognize any law or bylaw but human rights law until these demands are met and we expect that our protest will be met with violence from those in power since historically that has always been the response of those in power. The more support we have the less likely we are to be met with violence. The most important support you can provide is to be there with us.

If you do decide to join our protest then you absolutely must agree to behave in a non-violent way. If what we want to achieve is peace then we can only achieve it through peaceful means.

We will be asking others to provide for our daily needs whilst we are there - food, shelter and medicine - but it is unlikely to be particularly comfortable. We will add further information about this as things develop.

For more information about this please visit the P10K website.

Help others to get to Palestine

This more or less speaks for itself. If you have friends who can join the protest in Palestine then please encourage and support them.

Support the protest at Palestine

Endorse the project

Some people will not support any project, no matter how noble, unless they see that others whom they respect do so as well. If you support what we are doing and what we stand for then please add your endorsement in order to encourage these 'sheeple' to support us (and, perhaps, even join us). If you can offer nothing else then please at least add your name to our list of those who support this project.

Invite us to speak

Prajña Pranab is determined to do whatever he can to spread this message and promote this action and would be happy to speak to any group or organisation. If your group or organisation is able to cover his travel expenses and there is space in his diary he would be delighted to present the case to you.

To arrange such a talk please contact us.

Pass the message on

Take advantage of any media contacts you have; talk to your friends and relatives, even people you meet everyday; send email, post to bulletin boards and newsgroups, write, phone and fax; write to newspapers - especially your local ones; become passionate about human rights - the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been in existance for 56 years, isn't it about time we put it into force?

We also have a resources section where you can download things to print out and pass round.

Link to our homepage

Write to your MP

Send letters to the world governments requesting that they respond to our protest

Learn more about the state of the world and tell others

On our links page we have some pointers to what we regard as well researched and intelligent sources of information, much of which you will not find in the mainstream media. The internet is a wonderful (albeit capricious) source of information - find some sites that support human rights above all else; we hope our links will be a good start. Encourage others to look beyond what they are fed by newspapers, radio and TV - getting to the truth is something that requires your active participation; it is not a spectator sport.

Whatever else you do - buy, borrow or beg a copy of John Pilger's "Hidden Agendas" and read it cover to cover. You might not thank me for recommending it but you will be a whole lot wiser. Oh, and while you are at it read Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal, George Mombiot, ...

Add your comments on our forums

Support us with donations

We have added a page that describes ways that you can send donations and that explains our policy and ethics regarding donations. Please visit that page for more information.

Buy some Declare Peace merchandise

Our affiliated website - a wonderfully cynical and subversive site with links to important sites all over the net that may well enlighten you to something of what is being done behind your back - has put together a range of Declare Peace badged goods that will help raise awareness and raise funds to support this project. Look for the shop and you will find a Declare Peace section.

Other ways to help