About Prajña Pranab

(photo by Adrian Dennis, AFP)

Prajña, (Philip John Jaquiery, RE, DHP, LHS, LHRS) was born in Invercargill, New Zealand in 1960 and moved to England in 1979.

He has also lived in Switzerland and India and has worked in or visited Germany, France, Italy, Austria, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Hong Kong, Nepal and the Channel Islands (not to mention having set foot in New York, Abu Dhabi, Damascus and Sydney).

Prajña has worked (amongst other things) as a photographer; in theatre; engineering; adventure training; served as an officer in the Corps of Royal Engineers; analytical hypnotherapist and support worker; is a computer consultant, programmer and trainer. He also claims to be a published poet, musician, songwriter and philosopher, has sailed, flown gliders and microlight aircraft and used to hunt, shoot and fish. He is now vegetarian and a pacifist, hasn't quit smoking yet but seldom drinks.

He is divorced and has two teenage sons, Matthew and Edward, who live with him (Edd is still at Winchester College).

Prajña was recently a director of an internet hosting company, a peace and human rights campaigner, a member of Trident Ploughshares. He is now living an ascetic life under the guidence of his spiritual teacher but is still involved in P10K and other causes for Truth, Justice and Peace.