Enjoy! I am not for sadness and long faces. I am not here to make you more miserable – you are already too miserable. I am not here to give you more sadness. I am here to awaken you to the bliss that is your birthright, that is naturally available to you. But you have forgotten how to approach it, and you are going in wrong directions: you seek it somewhere where it is not; you seek it outside and it is inside; you seek it far away and it is near; you seek it in the distant stars and it is just in front of you.

In English there are two beautiful words. One is: obvious. Obvious means just in front of you. It comes from a Latin root meaning just in front of you. And then there is another word: problem. It comes from a Greek root which also means just in front of you. The root meaning of obvious and problem is the same. The obvious is the problem, that which is just in front of you is the problem – because you cannot see it, your eyes are wandering into distant lands. The obvious has become the problem. And enlightenment is to become aware of the obvious, and when you become aware of the obvious the problem disappears.

To live a life of no problems is to live an enlightened life. It is a totally different way of being: it has nothing to do with achievement, it has nothing to do with learning, it has nothing to do with effort, practice. The only thing that is needed is to be a little more alert so that you can look at, see, watch that which is in front of you. The solution is closer, very very much closer to you than you can imagine. Don’t seek it far away; it exists within you. Once you are settled inside, centered, rooted, I give you all freedom – go and love. Go and be in the world; now you will be able to enjoy it, you will be able to taste it, you will be able to penetrate into its deepest possibilities. And whenever you enter into the realms of depth, always you will find the divine there. In love, go deep and you will find God; in food, eat well with alertness, awareness and you will find God. ...

From Osho's, Absolute Tao, Chapter #2.