The devil is divine – in the very word also. Devil comes from the same root as divine – they both come from the Sanskrit root dev. Devil is divine – that is the root meaning of the term. Things have gone a little astray, but the devil is divine. He has to be called back, and by fighting you cannot call him back. By fighting he goes away and away, and you will always miss a part. That missing part will not allow you peace. It has to be called home, it has to be absorbed into the whole.

If you accept everything suddenly love flowers, hate disappears. So when I say accept hate, I am not saying be hateful; in fact, I am cutting the very root of being hateful. When I say accept, in that acceptance I am cutting the very root. You will never be hateful again if you accept; if you don’t accept you will remain hateful, and your love will lack something. This has to be understood deeply because it is not a metaphysical problem, it is existential. It is a problem that everybody has in him.

You hate somebody. When you hate, what happens inside? What is hate? What do you want to do to the other person? You want to kill him, destroy him. You want to throw him away, as far away as possible. You don’t want to see him, you don’t want him to be near you. You would like him to disappear, to exist no more – that’s why you want to kill and destroy. When you love a person what do you want to do to him? You want him to be always and always alive, never to die, to be near and close, to be available. You would like to protect him, care about him, and you cannot believe that your love is going to be destroyed by anything. You would like your lover or beloved to be immortal.

Look at both the phenomena. They are opposite. But can’t you feel? – they are two aspects of the same coin. Love is creative, hate is destructive. But have you observed? – no creation is possible without destruction; no destruction is meaningful unless it is for creation. So you can destroy if you are going to create, then there is no problem. You can demolish a house if you are going to create a better house – nobody will say that you are destructive. You can destroy a society if a better society is possible, you can destroy a morality for a better morality – nobody will say that you are destructive because you are destroying to create, and no creation is possible without destruction. Destruction is absorbed by the creation; then it is beautiful, then it is part of the creative process.

But you destroy. You destroy a society with no idea what you are going to do next, with no creative idea in mind. You simply enjoy destruction. You demolish a house, you destroy a thing, and if somebody asks, “Why are you doing that?” then you say simply, “I like to destroy” – then you are mad, something has gone wrong in you. Destruction has become whole in itself, it is trying to claim that it is the whole. When destruction claims that it is the whole then it is the devil; when destruction is part of a greater whole, creation, then it is divine. ...

From Osho's, Absolute Tao, Chapter #4.